Supercomputing for chemistry and materials science companies

Thursday 26.10.2023  |  9.00-11.00
Keilaranta, Espoo




Welcome to hear about LUMI supercomputer for chemistry and materials science companies!

LUMI, the flagship supercomputer in Europe and one of the leading research instruments in the world, is now available also for Finnish companies!

This Supercomputing for chemistry and materials science companies seminar will introduce how your company can benefit from cutting-edge research methods such as molecular dynamics and density functional theory simulations, powered by the LUMI supercomputer. We will outline what needs to be considered when working with a supercomputer and how you can get access and support for using LUMI. You will also learn about available funding models and how to test the suitability of the system free of charge before investment decision.

This event is a must if:

  • the computing resources available for your company are a bottleneck for applying state-of-the-art atomic-scale simulation methods in your R&D
  • you would like to accelerate your calculations by utilizing not just one, but multiple GPUs
  • you have considered the possibilities of using artificial intelligence to augment your data analysis workflows
  • you have considered using computational methods in your R&D process, but do not have the necessary expertise in-house

We invite you to spend a morning with us at the CSC office in Keilaniemi or online to introduce the LUMI supercomputer. We are very keen on hearing your ideas and challenges, so we have reserved ample time for discussion. After the seminar, we will offer those on site a lunch at the Plate restaurant, where we can continue the discussions.

Event program:

THURSDAY 26.10.2023

Venue: Life Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo. 

09.00 Welcome Atte Sillanpää, Development manager, CSC


Possibilities of supercomputing and AI for chemistry and materials science Rasmus Kronberg, Application specialist, CSC


How to become a LUMI business user – Juhani Huttunen, Customer solution manager, CSC


Coffee break


Success story: Roal Ltd. – Joni Vuorio, Senior Research Scientist, Roal Ltd


Bridging the gap between academic materials modeling and industrial R&D: the role of OCAMM in Finland –  Miguel Caro, Academy of Finland Research Fellow

10.50 Q&A
11.00 Lunch – Restaurant Plate at Life Science Center
EuroHPC LUMI, Europe's fastest and one of the world´s greenest supercomputer.


Atte Sillanpää leads the Science Support group at CSC. He has a PhD in computational chemistry and experience in a... Read more

Rasmus Kronberg is an Application Specialist at CSC, the hosting organization of the LUMI supercomputer. Rasmus... Read more

Juhani Huttunen is a Customer Solution Manager at CSC. Juhani focuses on promoting advanced computational solutions... Read more

Joni Vuorio is a Senior Research Scientist at Roal Oy, a global enzyme manufacturer. Joni focuses on molecule... Read more

Miguel Caro ( leads the Data-driven Atomistic Simulation group at the Department of Chemistry... Read more

Markus Koskela is a Senior Application Specialist at CSC. His interests are in AI and data analytics, including... Read more

Organisators and partners:

CSC – IT Center of Science
Keilaranta 14, Espoo

CSC as part of the national research system develops, integrates and offers high-quality ICT services for research, education, culture, public administration and companies. The event is organised by CSC in cooperation with

EuroCC Finland project, that is a part of the EuroCC project establishing national HPC competence centers in different European countries. CSC supports and improves the capabilities of Finnish users to utilise supercomputing in demanding simulations, large-scale artificial intelligence, and high-performance data analytics. 

FAIR EDIH, The Finnish AI Region, offers businesses low-threshold expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, high-performance computing, and cyber security. Most of FAIR´s services are free of charge. FAIR aim to accelerate and expand the adoption of artificial intelligence in small and medium-sized enterprises.

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