How your company can accelerate innovations using LUMI supercomputer


Thursday 07.03.2024  |  9.00-13.30
Tampere Technopolis, Hellens room
Kalevantie 2, 33100 Tampere


Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen

is the lead researcher and is responsible for our Quantum Algorithm development. He is passionate about creating world-changing technologies through mathematics and physics and has more than 10 years of spearhead research experience.

Jyrki Pesonen

leads research in machine vision and analyzers with Raute Oyj Analyzers business unit. With experience of 20+ years globally around mechanical wood industry, is always eager to collaborate with universities and research entities. Loves the [b]le[e|a]ding edge.

Rasmus Kronberg

is an Application Specialist at CSC, the hosting organization of the LUMI supercomputer. Rasmus focuses on supporting scientists and R&D professionals harness the potential of high-performance computing.

Rasmus has a doctoral degree in computational quantum chemistry from Aalto University and has co-authored several scientific articles within the areas of computational electrochemistry and catalysis.

Dan Still

works as partnership manager at CSC, where he is responsible for CSC's industrial partnerships and research collaborations in the field of high-performance and cloud computing. He is currently developing the business ecosystem for the EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer. Dan has more than 20 years of experience in computational science and business development and also has interests in data-intensive systems and machine learning.

Outi Keski-Äijö

is currently the Head of Quantum Computing in Business Finland. The funding budget of the program is 15 M€ for 2023-2024. Currently, 30+ companies and five research organizations are participating in Quantum Computing program.

Outi Keski-Äijö has 30 years of experience in ICT, change leadership and innovation management. Previously, she was the Head of AI Business Program in Business Finland in 2018-2021. She has also been responsible for change programs in Nokia Corporation, Nokia Siemens Networks, Okmetic Ltd and Tekes (Finnish Innovation Agency).

Outi Keski-Äijö has deep understanding of challenges of start-ups and growth companies as she has coached 200+ Finnish SMEs in their innovations, growth and internationalization.

Antti Eskelinen

is Managing Director at Tampere Chamber of Commerce.