Accelerating innovations with Natural Language Processing

Thursday 25.01.2024  |  9.00-11.30
Keilaranta, Espoo or via Zoom




Oguzhan (Ouz) Gencoglu

 is the co-founder and Head of AI in Root Signals AI. His expertise areas are machine learning and science of data-driven decision making, as well as entrepreneurship and business strategy. He has several years of experience in building and leading AI teams for developing, deploying, and scaling production-grade ML/AI solutions. Nowadays he works as a hands-on AI expert, advisor, and board member in various companies while cooking something new with his team at Root Signals.

Sampo Pyysalo

is Research fellow in the TurkuNLP group at the University of Turku and one of the PIs of the Horizon Europe project High Performance Language Technologies (, which aims to create language resources and models for all European languages. He has previously led efforts to create the FinBERT and FinGPT models and is currently leading the TurkuNLP effort in the collaboration with Silo AI to create Poro models(

Aarne Talman

 is a natural language processing (NLP) scientist and AI leader with over 16 years of industry experience. With a background in Large Language Models (LLMs), software engineering, product management, and technology leadership, Aarne brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Head of Technology at SiloGen, our product subsidiarydeveloping LLM and generative AI technology.

Prior to joining Silo AI in early 2021, Aarne worked as the UK CTO and Global Machine Learning Practice Lead at Nordcloud, an IBM Company. For the past years, he has also been a Visiting Researcher in Language Technology at the University of Helsinki, with multiple papers on NLP and LLMs in ACL venues and top journals like Natural Language Engineering.

Aleksi Kallio

is a Computer Scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and data analysis. Aleksi currently works as a Development Manager at CSC, where the team he leads focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics. Recently he published an introductory book about artificial intelligence for the general audience. The book is called Tekoäly 123 – Matkaopas tulevaisuuteen.

Väinö Hatanpää

is a Machine Learning specialist at CSC. He is supporting large scale deep learning, helping users to efficiently train large AI models on LUMI. Väinö also has interest in large language models and works closely with customers on pre-training the next generation of open large language models. He also leads a development project on building a machine learning inference platform, aiming to provide CSC customers ways to interact with various open AI models.

Juhani Huttunen

is a Customer Solution Manager at CSC. Juhani focuses on promoting advanced computational solutions for commercial companies and facilitating collaboration between academic research organisations and industry to benefit from high-performance computing.       

Juhani has a doctoral degree in technical physics from Helsinki University of Technology and has background in global industry R&D and collaboration fora.