Tero Ojanperä

is the Chairman of the Board and founding partner of Silo AI, the largest artificial intelligence company in the Nordic countries, and Professor of Practise at Aalto University. He serves on the boards of several listed and growth companies. Tero is a former Nokia technology and strategy director and a member of the board. Tero is also the author, together with Timo Vuori, of Platform Strategy: Transform Your Business with AI, Platforms and Human Intelligence.

Henna Virkkunen

has been a member of the European Parliament since 2014. She is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee on Transport and Tourism. Previously Ms Virkkunen has held various ministerial positions in the Finnish government (Minister of Transport and Local Government, Minister of Public Administration and Local Government, Minister of Education). Picture: Mikko Mäntyniemi

Lilit Axner

The European High-Perfomance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is pooling European resources and efforts to to develop a World Class exascale supercomputing Ecosystem in Europe.

Heikki Ailisto

is a Research Professor at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where he coordinates the applied AI research. His other research interests include Internet of Things, Industrial Internet and digitalization of industry. Ailisto is also affiliated to the Finnish Center for AI, where he is a member of Steering Group and leading the Industrial and Societal Impact program.

Tapio Friberg

is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at ICEYE. Owning and operating the worlds largest constellation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites leads to the worlds fastest growing backlog of SAR images. His interests include any and all techniques that make managing it easier, including HPC. He's currently working mostly with self-supervised foundation models and solving flood modelling related inverse problems with remote sensing observations and Monte Carlo methods.

Iceye Oy is a Finnish space technology company founded in 2014, which develops a service using microsatellites equipped with SAR radars, which can provide near-real-time radar images regardless of time and weather conditions.

Rauno Hatakka

leads FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) and helps DIMECC’s customers identify and implement new topics that bring competitive advantage.

Rauno has more than twenty years of experience at KONE, most recently as a member of the Global Technology and Innovation Management Team. He has previously worked as Head of Technology Management, KONE Technology and Innovation, responsible of Technology Management, Research, Patenting and Ideation. Rauno has built many ecosystems like KEKO (smart building ecosystem) and ISUF (intelligent sustainable urban flow), Rauno has also been responsible of KONE Veturi.

Ulla Heinonen

is the Director of Green Growth and a member of the management team of the Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry EK. She has long experience in business management, digitalisation, training and consulting. Sustainable development and the development of expertise and business have been the central themes of her career. After her research career, Heinonen has worked as a Manager in the ICT sector at CGI and for the last few years at Gaia Consulting, in sustainable business consulting.

Marko Hämäläinen

is Fire Safety Specialist from Ramboll Finland. Marko Hämäläinen has more than 8 years of experience in fire engineering design and research. Before his career at Ramboll, Hämäläinen worked at Aalto University on projects related to fire research. In his career, Marko Hämäläinen has worked in projects in a variety of ways, both in fire and life safety design and performance-based simulations of fire and egress.

Ramboll is a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company with a leading edge in creating sustainable cities and societies. The company employs 17,500 experts worldwide, and 2,500 people across Finland.

Aleksi Kallio

is a Computer Scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and data analysis. Aleksi currently works as a Development Manager at CSC, where the team he leads focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics. Recently he published an introductory book about artificial intelligence for the general audience. The book is called Tekoäly 123 – Matkaopas tulevaisuuteen.

Outi Keski-Äijö

is currently the Head of Quantum Computing in Business Finland. The funding budget of the program is 15 M€ for 2023-2024. Currently, 30+ companies and five research organizations are participating in Quantum Computing program.

Outi Keski-Äijö has 30 years of experience in ICT, change leadership and innovation management. Previously, she was the Head of AI Business Program in Business Finland in 2018-2021. She has also been responsible for change programs in Nokia Corporation, Nokia Siemens Networks, Okmetic Ltd and Tekes (Finnish Innovation Agency).

Outi Keski-Äijö has deep understanding of challenges of start-ups and growth companies as she has coached 200+ Finnish SMEs in their innovations, growth and internationalization.

Kimmo Koski

is a Managing Director at CSC. Kimmo´s key concurrent positions of trust are Coordinator in the EuroHPC LUMI -consortium and Deputy member of the Board in Technology Industries of Finland.

Kimmo Koski has previously worked in managerial positions at Nokia and in managerial and specialist roles at CSC. He has also worked at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland.


Rasmus Kronberg

is an Application Specialist at CSC, the hosting organization of the LUMI supercomputer. Rasmus focuses on supporting scientists and R&D professionals harness the potential of high-performance computing.

Rasmus has a doctoral degree in computational quantum chemistry from Aalto University and has co-authored several scientific articles within the areas of
computational electrochemistry and catalysis.

Antti Poso

is Professor of Drug Design at University of Eastern Finland and a visiting professor at University of Tübingen. His main research areas are computational drug design and medicinal chemistry. He has been using supercomputing services since early 1990s.

Erja Turunen

is the Executive Vice President of one of VTT’s three business units: Digital technologies covering microelectronics, quantum, flexible electronics, sensing solutions, connectivity and cyber. As the leader of the unit, Erja’s work involves strategic planning, engaging stakeholders and representing VTT in different organisations. Dr Erja Turunen is also a member of VTT’s executive committee.

Pekka Uusitalo

is Director of CSC’s Industrial Engagement and Partnering Group. It develops industrial ecosystem for EuroHPC/Lumi program to boost the use of HPC in private sector RDI, mainly together with universities and  research institutes. Other main responsibility is the develpoment of Kajaani Datacenter program to bring new DC companies and customers into the area.

Other assignments include member of Nordunet Board (since 04/2018) and CSC representative in Cina Alliance which is driving Arctic digital connectivity initiative.

Prior joining CSC Pekka has spent 20+ years in various sales/channel management positions for US technology companies, mainly in the area of IP networking.

Pekka holds a Master of Science degree from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.

Harri Koskimäki

Candour is a global online identity verification company from Finland. Candour caters to the needs of, for example, banks, e-commerce and other online service providers, combining reliability and official security requirements – with the usability requirements of the world’s leading social media and e-commerce services.